What is cabinet refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing is an excellent way to update your residential kitchen and to give the area a brand new aesthetic. Cabinet Craft Finishes’ cabinet refinishing involves you keeping all the original components of your existing cabinetry — from the handles to the internal shelves — and changing its outward appearance. When you take on a project like this, you have the freedom to change the cabinet’s exterior color and finish without replacing the entire structure, since the existing materials stay put. This is a worthwhile investment if your existing exteriors are scratched, shipped, or need a modern update. If this type of project best describes your vision for your kitchen, dining room, or other residential areas, Cabinet Craft Finishes’ high-quality craftsmanship and premium service can help achieve your dreams! In fact, we’re the #1 rated cabinet refinishing company in Colorado!

What is cabinet refacing??

Cabinet refacing is similar to cabinet refinishing, but requires a few more in-depth changes. The goal remains the same — to change the aesthetic look of the kitchen or dining room cabinetry — but it involves changing all the visible “skins” or surfaces, both interior and exterior. If you choose cabinet refacing as a means of updating your home’s interior, it requires removing the drawer fronts and cabinet doors so the actual interior of the cabinetry can receive a visual update with new veneer materials. From there, the hinges, handles, and doors are also replaced and reinstalled so you have an entirely new look. If you’re looking to update all areas of your cabinetry — not just the exterior — then this service from Cabinet Craft Finishes is right for you. Get started now with a free in-house estimate and experience our premier service!

What are the benefits of refinishing or refacing vs. replacing?

If you’re looking to refurbish your kitchen, dining room, or another area of your home, Cabinet Craft Finishes can help you determine which project type is best suited for your needs: cabinet refinishing, cabinet refacing, or cabinet replacements.

Cabinet refinishing is beneficial for you as a homeowner because it allows you the chance to update the visual exterior of your storage cabinets and drawers without worrying about the interior. This is a much more cost-effective home improvement method because it only focuses on giving the outside a new color or finishing; you can still utilize the pre-existing interior shelves and such and not worry about a more long-term project. In a similar vein, cabinet refacing is also less expensive than a full-on replacement and has a short turnaround time; this type of project allows you to achieve a brand new interior and exterior look, without investing in a complete overhaul of the entire storage system. Cabinet refacing involves brand new colors, finishes, handles, hinges, and more.

Cabinet replacements, on the other hand, are ideal for homeowners who want to create a larger investment in their property in order to increase its resale value. Since this type of project involves completely rethinking and redesigning the entire room — such as the kitchen — it allows a homeowner to create a more intuitive and comfortable space for future buyers or renters. Cabinet replacement endeavors require the entire storage system to be removed so entirely new drawers, shelves, and handles can be installed in the empty space.

How much does it cost to refinish a cabinet vs. replacing a cabinet?

Individual project costs can vary, so the best way to get a firm idea of how much your cabinet refinishing or cabinet replacement endeavor will cost is to get a free in-house estimate from Cabinet Craft Finishes in Colorado Springs. We’d be happy to help you decide the best way to give your home a brand new look! However, in a general sense, refinishing a set of cabinets is much more cost-effective than replacing it, since it focuses entirely on giving the exterior a facelift (as opposed to removing the ensure system and replacing it with a new structure).

How long does cabinet refacing or refinishing last?

Cabinets made from quality materials can last for 40 to 50 years. That being said, keeping them updated with a cabinet refinishing or cabinet refacing project can in themselves last 15 to 20 years.

I am thinking of getting new cabinet doors but keeping my main cabinet frame as-is, can I do that?

Sure! We can take care of the ordering of brand new doors for your cabinets. Some customers choose to order new doors if the old ones are really in bad shape or they just want a different style than they currently have. Either way, we can help you get brand new doors ordered if you choose to go that route.

I have a specific color in mind, can you match it?

You betcha. We can color match any color of paint on the planet. If you have a shade in mind, get the color number/name, or a physical object we can take in and we will have it color matched.

Can I change my knobs and/or hinges?

Absolutely! This is the perfect time to update cabinet hardware and switch to soft close hinges. If the new hardware has different holes than the old, we will fill the old holes and drill new holes to accommodate the new hardware. Many clients choose to upgrade to soft-close hinges at this time as well, but is in no way required.

Can I use my kitchen during the process?

Yes! That is one of the best parts of our cabinet painting process. You can function in your kitchen normally. We use a special vacuum powered sanding tool, which prevents dust in the home. No spraying of paint is done in the kitchen, preventing the need to tape off the entirety of the kitchen. No! Please avoid using the kitchen at times when our team is in the home. Minimal use is okay, but we ask that you are not doing heavy cooking on those days, as it slows our team down.

How long does it take?

Our cabinet coating process times varies on the size of kitchen. Typically our turn around time is one week, leaving room for variables however. From a free, in-home estimate, we can get your job scheduled. The main works days in-home include: cabinet pick-up, frame painting and installation. This totals usually three to four separate days that someone from CCF will be in home.

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