Employee Spotlight: Jennie

Jennie has been with us as our office manager since July of 2020. From making supply runs to organizing everything we might need to keep a good work flow, Jennie has got it taken care of. Her punctuality and organization has even inspired our owners to hugely advocate having an admin for business owners and have nothing but good things to say about her. From questions around the office to helping customers over the phone, she always has answers to the questions we don't even know to ask. She is always one step ahead and prepared for whatever the day has to bring, which isn't surprising considering her background as a CNA. She greets everything and everyone with a smile and a can-do attitude.

All the employees here at CCF can trust her to get things right, and be there when we need her. (especially since she rarely wants to take her 15 minute breaks). She is a great voice of the company and we are so glad to have a hardworking woman like herself and the immense amount of patience she brings to the company.

Outside of the office, Jennie has been happily married since October of 2020 to her husband Mike. She is a tea fanatic and loves sharing new ones to try with the admin assistants here in the office and builds a warm and welcome environment. In her free time she is also an admin for her church and always there for people in need. She is more helpful and caring than she will probably ever know, as she is so humble. We are all grateful to have Jennie as a co-worker, and as a friend.