Our Process


Step 1: Project Estimate and Scope

We will come to your home and give you a FREE consultation for your project. We will make sure to explain all our refinishing options and will work with you to help decide the best route to take.  If you are just wanting to get a ballpark idea of the cost for your project you may text or email us pictures of your cabinets with a brief explanation of what you are wanting done. 

Step 2: Project Commencement

Once we have decided exactly what kind of finish you would like, we will get to work. The first step is using our custom numbering system to gently remove all of your door and drawer faces, as well as any existing hardware. We will then transport them to our work shop to begin the transformation. 

Step 3: Door/Drawer Refinishing

Each project has its own unique features. All doors and drawers will be prepped as needed to complete the desired finish. No corners are cut at any step of the process.  Generally each job is washed using  a heavy degreaser to remove years of grease and grime build up. This is a step often left out by standard paint companies. This skipped step can create a variety of issues that will compromise the look and durability of your finish. 

Next, using our high quality festool sanding system we will sand appropriately. Depending on the type of wood and current finish, we will either use a gentle or aggressive pad. We will also meticulously hand sand any coves or edges not reached by our power sanders. 

After sanding we will continue prepping the cabinets for our craft finishes. This includes a plethora of steps including priming, patching, caulking, repairing, and stripping as needed. We have a high quality paint spray booth where all pieces will be sprayed using our high quality spray systems. Using bright lighting we will carefully inspect each piece at each step of the process, guaranteeing a high quality "from the factory"  end product. Most cabinetry will consist of 1-2 coats of primer, and 2-3 coats of the paint we use. 

Each door and drawer will be sprayed equally on fronts and backs. They will be laid flat in our drying racks which allows us to spray a thick layer on each piece. *Often standard paint companies will spray them while vertical, which creates drips and drooping. The only way to prevent drooping is to apply a very thin layer, which will compromise the appearance and durability. 

Step 4 : In Home Refinishing

The in home refinishing process was created to be non-invasive  and hassle free for YOU, the homeowner!  This step generally only requires two days, and the majority of the time our clients leave us in the home while away at work or running errands. We will prep the cabinets in a similar fashion as the doors and drawers. Using our high quality HEPA certified Festool vacuum system we will leave the home virtually dust free! The odor is minimal, and the dry times are quick. This allows you to use your kitchen like usual, other then when our technicians are actively in the kitchen working away . 

Step 5: Reinstalling

Once all steps are completed, the reinstallation process begins. The cabinetry will be transported from the CCF shop to the home using methods that will protect the freshly finished product. The refinished cabinet doors and drawers are systematically reinstalled, while ensuring they are leveled and even. New hardware is also installed at this time which could include new knobs, pulls and/or hinges.  (Ask about our soft close hinge upgrade.) An average kitchen takes between 5-7 business days from start to finish.

Are you ready to refinish your cabinets?

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