Billy has been with us since April 2021 and is thriving. Before joining our crew, Billy served the U.S. Army as a Forward Observer with the rank of Sergeant.

He is the proud father of two young children and loves to take them to the park, read them stories, and play outside.

His favorite aspect of the work here at CCF is spraying the coating and the most challenging part is the many hours during prep while standing on his feet.

The guys in the shop see him as a good friend and a positive person to be around. From joking with each other to talking about music, he never fails to make people smile. All the while, his work never slows down and he always sees a task through until the end.

From The Employers:

He has a rare ability to keep things in perspective that is incredibly refreshing. When we brought this up to him his response was “Yeah, I think that's true...when you've seen some of what I have then little things that bother other people just don't phase me." Billy was deployed to Afghanistan to serve our country in 2016-2017 and during that...


It is known around the CCF office that Randy is one of the nicest people we have ever met. He is very polite and has great manners in the office with the girls or with the guys in the shop. Randy is the kind of person you could tell one thing too and he will ask you about it a week later. That’s extends to his helpfulness and he is always going out of his way to help. (When he was off of work, he even took the time to write out what good things he thinks of his coworkers to help me with these spotlights) Anything from cracking jokes, to just good conversation about country music, Randy is there to listen and laugh.

Before he started here with us he was a plumber and enjoys being in the trades; so handwork doesn’t phase him one bit. When you have CCF do a glaze on your cabinetry- he is probably the one that did it, as he is the glazing master around the shop. The consistency and quality in his work is uncanny.

Outside of work, Randy’s passion is with filmmaking and photography. He hopes to one day make a living off of his creative skills, and have the opportunity to...


If you work with CCF, it is guaranteed you will get to know our project manager Nick. He is never afraid to go the extra mile to get things done. Nick has grown into his project manager position stunningly and is proud of his role. His organization and hard working attitude is always appreciated, and even through his busy days he still finds the time to ask how everyone is doing around the shop and office. He is always ready to crack a few jokes or talk about music.

Nick is new to Colorado and originally from Idaho and he enjoys the Colorado outdoors. Anything from fishing, backpacking or snowboarding, he is always down for an adventure outdoors. He has been happily married for two years and before his time at Cabinet Craft Finishes he went to school for 3D design. We are so glad we have Nick as our project manager and part of our team.

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With every new year, people fill their minds with ways to improve their lives. And a big part of feeling that sense of productivity and eagerness to accomplish your goals is dependent on the environment you are in. Interior design plays a huge role in your mood and the feelings you have on a subconscious level.

The average person spends an hour in their kitchen, and another hour in their bathroom each day; so having cabinets you love and want to look at is a huge part of feeling ready for the day to come, and giving it everything you have. And as the new year marks a time to reset and have new beginnings, refinishing or refacing your cabinets can give you the energy you need to accomplish all of those new year resolutions.

Think about it, if you have a new years resolution of cooking at home more, and eating out less- you might want to start cooking in a kitchen with the perfect shade of energizing and clean white. Or, if you want to start going to the gym and loving yourself for who you are, your bathroom having a calm blue shade makes all the difference in the one...


As the year comes to a close, most find this to be a time of reflection, and here at CCF, kitchens are always on our mind. Here is a simple breakdown of the most popular kitchen trends of 2021, and things we saw the most through out the year.


Cabinet Craft Finishes inst like other companies. We set the bar high for the work we do, and even higher in supporting and encouraging our employees. Our bosses and owners understand that life happens outside of work and that each employee has their own personal goals, ideas, and things to do.

Around the office and shop it isnt rare for you to hear queastions about your family or even genuinely asking how the employees are doing. It is a very supportive and close relationship between all the employees and a very bright environment to be in here; and it only makes us work harder. Each employee feels a sense of value at work for who they are and what they do.

A few months after Jennie (our office manager) was hired , she had planned and was getting ready for her wedding. At this point, we were in the early stages of growing to what we are today, and paid time off wasn't a benefit that was offered yet. But regardless, Jennie had told Jonathan and Michael about her wedding and the time off she needed for her big day. Then as a surprise, Jennie got a text from our two...


Jennie has been with us as our office manager since July of 2020. From making supply runs to organizing everything we might need to keep a good work flow, Jennie has got it taken care of. Her punctuality and organization has even inspired our owners to hugely advocate having an admin for business owners and have nothing but good things to say about her. From questions around the office to helping customers over the phone, she always has answers to the questions we don't even know to ask. She is always one step ahead and prepared for whatever the day has to bring, which isn't surprising considering her background as a CNA. She greets everything and everyone with a smile and a can-do attitude.

All the employees here at CCF can trust her to get things right, and be there when we need her. (especially since she rarely wants to take her 15 minute breaks). She is a great voice of the company and we are so glad to have a hardworking woman like herself and the immense amount of patience she brings to the company.

Outside of the office, Jennie has been happily married since...


Cole has been with us since October of 2019. He comes from a long line of hardworking people, and around the shop is called "Cole Baby" ; a long time nick name from our two owners. He is one of the original employees here at CCF, and has always made everyone smile.

When it comes to work, the guys refer to him as "a beast in the shop" due to how quickly he can produce quality work. He has truly honed in on his craft. When we are training new hires, or even giving helpful tips and tricks to our current employees, he always gives clear and thorough answers- keeping the quality of what we do up to high standard.

Cabinet Craft finishes is very thankful to have Cole as part of our team- and all the hard work and quality he brings to our company.

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Hiring a contractor can be intimidating. Your are hiring people to come make changes to your home, so you want make sure they are good workers and produce quality results. Way to often people are hiring and do a half-effort job and improper techniques; just to leave with your money while you pick up the pieces. Here are 5 things to look for in a good contractor to ensure that you will be completely satisfied (and in some cases even more than satisfied) with their work.

1. Open Communication

Knowing that before, during, and after the work is done that you will be updated on the entire process keeps you in the loop-so you know what to expect. This shows that your contractor isn't in it just for the money, they want to provide quality services to you.

2. A Tidy Worker

It's important that your contractor keeps things organized and picks up after themselves when they leave your home. You shouldn't have the task of cleaning added onto your to-do list just because a contractor was in your home. It's important for the people you...


Here at Cabinet Craft Finishes we offer two services; refacing and refinishing. But what's the difference? Refacing is the process of replacing your doors and drawer fronts the going through the refinishing process- which consists of painting or staining (that's where the fun choices come in).

Here at CCF we only offer the painting side of refinishing, so we do not offer stain (but we do have some great referrals for companies that stain). We have truly honed in on a great technique to coat your cabinet faces and frames, giving it a clean and polished look that lasts. Refinishing is a great option if you love the style of your cabinets, but no so much the color. We can color match to any swatch you like; or even walls if you want your cabinets to match. Along with color matching, we offer two free sample doors to ensure the color you choose is one you love in your space.

When it comes to refacing, this is a great option if you are no longer in love with the style of your cabinets, but still love the layout of your kitchen. This is when we completely redo every door...


Properly taking care of your cabinetry is a key step in ensuring your cabinets and drawers stay looking brand new for years to come. Though we do use an industrial-grade coating , excessive rough use and improper cleaning techniques can cause chipping and wear down your doors, drawers, and frames. Taking care of your cabinetry properly is simple, easy, and stress free.

To clean your cabinetry mix a little bit of Dawn dish soap and filtered water in a spray bottle; and spray down your faces and frames. Then get a towel damp with some warm water and wipe your cabinets down in a circular motion. To avoid streaking, use a dry towel to remove and excess moisture. Try to avoid using unfiltered water to clean your cabinetry , or letting water sit on it for an extended period of time, as this may leave water spots that are difficult to remove and may cause damage to your beautiful cabinets.

In terms of what is considered rough use, these are some things to try to avoid. If you notice your fingernails constantly dragging on the wood surface around your handles and knobs,...

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The difference between typical paint and our industrial grade coating.

Here at Cabinet Craft Finishes, durability and quality are key. Cabinets get banged up, it's inevitable; but that's why we wanted something strong and durable to last through the years. We use PPG Breakthrough, a multi-surface coating (even metal) that can be used indoors and outdoors, proving that its durable and giving it a sleek polished look. Steam from your stove or constant opening and closing while you cook a delicious meal won't wear it down. With proper care, there have even been instances of us going back years later to a job and they still look brand new.

The best part? We can color match to any swatch or paint brand you love. With no color limitations, anything from Joanna Gains inspired Alabaster white or a soft black for a more modern look is achievable. If you are debating between two different colors, we offer 2 free samples for you to see exactly how it looks in your space. Take a look at the picture below and notice how even though the paint color is exactly the same...

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