Preparation Tips From The Crew


Cabinet Pick Up Day

Step 1 of your cabinet transformation! (1-2 hours)

CCF will be taking your cabinet doors and drawers, the process has begun! On average 1-2 hours.

  • Have Knobs or Pulls Picked Out
  • Have Colors Finalized
  • Remove anything pinned or taped to cabinets 
  • If drawer faces come off make sure to have the front half emptied
  • If drawer faces do not come off empty all drawers
  • Pets put away in a safe location

In Home Painting Day

Step 2!  Cabinet transformation mid-way (On average 2 days)

CCF will be in home painting the cabinet boxes. On average 2 days.

  • Countertops cleared off
  • Push everything back inside cabinet boxes, nothing protruding that would interfere
  • Minimal use of kitchen (don't plan to bake a cake that day)
  • Avoid having other contractors scheduled to work in kitchen 
  • Depending on size, this will take on average 2 days
  • Touch-ups are normal and CCF will take care of them
  • Pets put away in a safe location


Step 3!  Cabinet transformation complete (On average 1/2 a day)

  • Countertops cleared off
  • Have new hardware unpackaged and ready to be installed
  • Pets put away in a safe location 
  • Minimal use of kitchen
  • Avoid having other contractors scheduled in the kitchen
  • Prepare to be AMAZED! 

Cabinet Care

Cabinets will have a hard, smooth finish and should clean easily. Use warm water and a gentle degreaser for stains. Do not use anything abrasive to clean the cabinets. 

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