Employee Spotlight: Randy

It is known around the CCF office that Randy is one of the nicest people we have ever met. He is very polite and has great manners in the office with the girls or with the guys in the shop. Randy is the kind of person you could tell one thing too and he will ask you about it a week later. That’s extends to his helpfulness and he is always going out of his way to help. (When he was off of work, he even took the time to write out what good things he thinks of his coworkers to help me with these spotlights) Anything from cracking jokes, to just good conversation about country music, Randy is there to listen and laugh.

Before he started here with us he was a plumber and enjoys being in the trades; so handwork doesn’t phase him one bit. When you have CCF do a glaze on your cabinetry- he is probably the one that did it, as he is the glazing master around the shop. The consistency and quality in his work is uncanny.

Outside of work, Randy’s passion is with filmmaking and photography. He hopes to one day make a living off of his creative skills, and have the opportunity to see life through that lens.