How To Take Care Of Your Cabinetry

Properly taking care of your cabinetry is a key step in ensuring your cabinets and drawers stay looking brand new for years to come. Though we do use an industrial-grade coating , excessive rough use and improper cleaning techniques can cause chipping and wear down your doors, drawers, and frames. Taking care of your cabinetry properly is simple, easy, and stress free.

To clean your cabinetry mix a little bit of Dawn dish soap and filtered water in a spray bottle; and spray down your faces and frames. Then get a towel damp with some warm water and wipe your cabinets down in a circular motion. To avoid streaking, use a dry towel to remove and excess moisture. Try to avoid using unfiltered water to clean your cabinetry , or letting water sit on it for an extended period of time, as this may leave water spots that are difficult to remove and may cause damage to your beautiful cabinets.

In terms of what is considered rough use, these are some things to try to avoid. If you notice your fingernails constantly dragging on the wood surface around your handles and knobs, those are key areas that will develop some wear. Here at CCF we do sell a variety of hardware so if you feel your knobs or handles are too small and causing you to wear down your cabinets; ask to see some different options. If you find your cabinet doors slamming shut or into each other (which causes the most chipping and general wear and tear) we offer soft close hinges and stoppers for your doors- making caring for your cabinets unnoticeable.

These simple steps and features can help your cabinets look brand new for years to come.