The Coating We Use To Refinish Your Cabinets

The difference between typical paint and our industrial grade coating.

Here at Cabinet Craft Finishes, durability and quality are key. Cabinets get banged up, it's inevitable; but that's why we wanted something strong and durable to last through the years. We use PPG Breakthrough, a multi-surface coating (even metal) that can be used indoors and outdoors, proving that its durable and giving it a sleek polished look. Steam from your stove or constant opening and closing while you cook a delicious meal won't wear it down. With proper care, there have even been instances of us going back years later to a job and they still look brand new.

The best part? We can color match to any swatch or paint brand you love. With no color limitations, anything from Joanna Gains inspired Alabaster white or a soft black for a more modern look is achievable. If you are debating between two different colors, we offer 2 free samples for you to see exactly how it looks in your space. Take a look at the picture below and notice how even though the paint color is exactly the same throughout, the shadows make it look like a slightly darker grey. Even the color on the swatch versus seeing it on a full cabinet door can make the color look completely different and we want you to love your kitchen, not just settle with it.

If you hire us for your refinishing or refacing job, know that you aren't just getting a few layers of paint that will eventually chip off, you are getting a durable coating that lasts.

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