The Difference Between Refacing and Refinishing

Here at Cabinet Craft Finishes we offer two services; refacing and refinishing. But what's the difference? Refacing is the process of replacing your doors and drawer fronts the going through the refinishing process- which consists of painting or staining (that's where the fun choices come in).

Here at CCF we only offer the painting side of refinishing, so we do not offer stain (but we do have some great referrals for companies that stain). We have truly honed in on a great technique to coat your cabinet faces and frames, giving it a clean and polished look that lasts. Refinishing is a great option if you love the style of your cabinets, but no so much the color. We can color match to any swatch you like; or even walls if you want your cabinets to match. Along with color matching, we offer two free sample doors to ensure the color you choose is one you love in your space.

When it comes to refacing, this is a great option if you are no longer in love with the style of your cabinets, but still love the layout of your kitchen. This is when we completely redo every door and drawer face with a new front, then continue on with the refinishing process. Though is seems like a simple change, it can completely change the feel of your kitchen, so it is exactly how you hoped it would be.

Regardless of if you decide to go with refacing or refinishing, we offer things such as new hardware and soft closing hinges for your doors, to really give your kitchen a luxury and brand new feel.