The Importance Of Community In and Out Of Work At CCF

Cabinet Craft Finishes inst like other companies. We set the bar high for the work we do, and even higher in supporting and encouraging our employees. Our bosses and owners understand that life happens outside of work and that each employee has their own personal goals, ideas, and things to do.

Around the office and shop it isnt rare for you to hear queastions about your family or even genuinely asking how the employees are doing. It is a very supportive and close relationship between all the employees and a very bright environment to be in here; and it only makes us work harder. Each employee feels a sense of value at work for who they are and what they do.

A few months after Jennie (our office manager) was hired , she had planned and was getting ready for her wedding. At this point, we were in the early stages of growing to what we are today, and paid time off wasn't a benefit that was offered yet. But regardless, Jennie had told Jonathan and Michael about her wedding and the time off she needed for her big day. Then as a surprise, Jennie got a text from our two owners for her wedding gift from them- PTO before PTO was a regular thing here at CCF.

Times of support or understanding are not rare here. Our project manager Nick is a true outdoorsman, and he had a big backpacking trip planned and was excited to go after his last install of the day. But, this install took longer than expected. One of our owners, Jonathan, knew about this trip and still sent him home and went to finish the job himself. Supporting his passion outside of woek by taking it onto his own shoulders for the day, regardless of Nick being willing to stay and work untill the job was done. Supportive management definietly calls for hard working employees.

Not only are they supportive in big events, but also personal goals of their employees. There are a few employees with sart up companies and successfull businesses they run in their personal time, and out owners are curious and supportivr as to what they want to do when they arent in the building. So, outside of them supporting their employees, it broadens into small businesses supporting small businesses.

CCF has a fantastic sense of community and feeling of support for their employees and their personal lives- making people only want to work harder and happy when they come in for their shift.